ACCESS360 is a complete server replacement for
your whole business, allowing you to focus on your
business and its supporting IT infrastructure.

So, how does it work?

ACCESS360 has developed Australia’s leading virtual desktop solution offering guaranteed security and disaster recovery. With ACCESS360 these are just some of the many key benefits our clients enjoy:

  • Large upfront costs removed.
  • Full server redundancy removes risk.
  • Disaster recovery built in.
  • Users scaling as required.
  • Industry leading security across all data.
  • Triple redundant backups.
  • Secure remote workforce access.
  • Your software hosted and maintained securely in the cloud.
  • In house professional migration services.
  • 100% Australian owned and hosted.

The ACCESS360 platform will improve business efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance productivity.

We guarantee a safe, secure and scalable desktop for your entire business. To learn more about the solution, take a moment to watch the video below.