ACCESS360 ensure seamless access to your
business data on any device, anytime,
delivering portability and security.

Private Cloud Solutions



Secure an asset your can’t replace – your data

100% Australia owned and operated, ACCESS360 protects your data via Australian only storage, guaranteeing data sovereignty and protection under Australian data privacy laws.

Data Centre Security

ACCESS360 operates from purpose built high security data centre facilities that feature multiple layers of security, including biometric readers, extensive video surveillance, swipe card authorisation, and dedicated on site security personnel.

Security of Data in Transit

ACCESS360 utilises the latest secure encryption protocols to ensure the security of communications in the cloud. These security protocols are the same as those required by financial institutions to secure Internet banking and online financial services.

Security of Data at Rest

As a multi-tenanted environment with tenant isolation built in at a foundational level, ACCESS360 ensures unauthorised individuals cannot access data.